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Health and Wellness Programs to Help You Lead A Healthier Life

Whether you're looking to kickstart your health and wellness journey with an app-based program, interested in joining a group for inspiration or need a more personalized one-on-one program, we've got you covered!


A 4 or 6 Week program guided by Michelle and residing within our robust app. This gives you daily tracking, meal plans, recipes and tells you what and when to eat to reach your specific goals. Each program includes two 30 minute phone sessions.


Michelle will coach you to adapt the plan to your needs and support you in the background of the app for the entire program.

Family Meal Planning

The recipes are family-friendly and adaptable for one person or for the entire family.


You will receive progress reports from Michelle and get suggestions and access 24/7 to optimize success.

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Groups are great if you know what to do, but have trouble staying consistent or if you've completed the KICKSTART program.

Commit to 1x - one hour-long meeting with the group per month for a shot in the arm of accountability and planning for YOU.


There is a different topic every month to learn and ask questions.


At the beginning and the end we evaluate our health and wellness goals and look at the best next step to take.


You can share, ask questions of the group or just listen and take notes. 

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A personalized 6-month program that includes twelve 50-minute Zoom sessions to address your diagnosis, symptoms, and general wellness goals. We’ll explore your diet, sleep, and movement to identify recommended changes, and help you develop new habits to make sustainable progress. 


We’ll build and follow an action plan to guide you along your health and wellness journey.


This custom 1:1 coaching program has an 80% success rate of you meeting or exceeding your goals!

Health History

We take a complete look at where you have been and a bird's eye view of your symptoms.

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