Health & Wellness Coaching

It's all about YOU!

Invest in YOU by working with a certified professional to build your path to clearer thinking, increased energy and more excitement every day. We start by looking at your health history and discuss your diagnosis and symptoms.  We then explore your diet, sleep, and movement and define what's right for you to make changes. Together, we'll identify the steps you need to take to improve your health and happiness.

Our programs include short-term offerings for the beginner and the curious, and long-term, custom coaching for those that are ready to explore broader wellness areas and build a path toward a new, healthier lifestyle.


4-week programs to help you evaluate your current health and wellness with a focus on specific areas to kickstart your journey. Each program includes three 50 minute phone sessions. Choose from:

  • Health History Plus: Walk away with a better understanding of your health and a set of tangible steps to take control for a healthier you.
  • Family Meal Planning: With 1-on-1 or full family sessions, gain knowledge on how to fuel your family to energize all of you through your daily activities.
  • Diet Evaluation & On-boarding: Learn about current diet programs (Whole30, Keto, etc) and define steps that prepare you (and your fridge) to meet your goals.
Customized Health Program
Custom Program

After starting with a health history evaluation to understand where you are today, we personalize the program to address your diagnosis, symptoms or general wellness goals.  We'll explore your diet, sleep, and movement to identify recommended changes, and help you develop new habits to make sustainable progress. Together we’ll build an action plan that will guide you along your health and wellness journey. This is a 6-month program with twelve (12), 50 minute phone sessions.

Custom Program