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Health and Wellness

Have you wondered why others have success with the latest diet trends (Whole30, Keto, Intermittent Fasting), but you don't? ‚Äč Or why certain meals cause restless nights of sleep?

Or consider these statistics: (from Agenda article, Nov 4th, 2019 - Catherine Boudreau & Helena Bottemiller):

  • "Nearly half of American adults now have diet-related diseases like obesity or Type-2 diabetes"
  • "An estimated 318,656 deaths in the US each year are attributed to diet-related diseases."

The Festive Table Health and Wellness programs help you improve your personal well being. Through introductory sessions or detailed accountability programs,  we'll discuss your diagnosis, symptoms or general health questions, and define your path to a healthier and more festive YOU!

What our customers are saying

Eating healthy is now the way I eat. It's not a diet or temporary thing!

Kelly - Mom, Businesswomen 

Created lifelong habits for greater overall health!

Chloe - Student

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