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Coaching you to better health

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 2021 CHALLENGE: Reboot YOU! One month at a time.

Welcome to The Festive Table

I am a Nationally Board Certified Health Coach with a specialty in nutrition, and I help my clients find the path to their best health and well-being. In today’s minute-to-minute cycles, it’s easy to get overwhelmed by all the health and nutrition information that is out there. Our work will cut through the noise and define a plan based on your specific needs and objectives.

Health and wellness programs to help you lead a 

healthier life


4-week programs that help you evaluate your current health and wellness providing a baseline to kickstart your journey. Each program include​s three 50 minute sessions via phone

Accountability Partnership 

A post-kickstart program providing guided accountability as you work towards your health and wellness goals. We’ll partner to create new healthy habits for a life full of well-being.

Custom Program 

Your personalized program to address a diagnosis, symptoms or general wellness goals. We explore your diet, sleep, movement, self-care and more to develop new habits to make sustainable progress.

Reboot You!

Michelle shares her knowledge and experience as she guides you through nourishing and caring for your body to lead a healthier life full of well-being. She has simplified the journey into small steps that allow you to start where you are, and build your plan one chapter at a time.

The book is a great roadmap for those that want to take a Do-It-Yourself approach to reboot their health and wellness, and its a great daily companion for those enrolled in a program.