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Coaching Sustainable 

Habits for Life.

Plan your journey today!


Unsure where to start? We've been there.

No more health fads, cleansing or feeling unsatisfied! 

By breaking down for you the educational components behind the WHY of eating whole foods, then 

the HOW is that much simpler. 

Food is medicine and by incorporating nourishing foods into your diet, you will feel 

the difference in your mood, energy levels, and overall quality of life. 


We’re here to help tackle your concerns, no matter how big or small:

Menopause symptoms

Hormonal imbalance

Cholesterol and blood sugar levels

Weight management

Health history concerns

Digestive issues

Poor sleep quality

Low energy

No time for cooking

Trouble meal planning


Learn to listen to 

your body and 

act accordingly.


Build the foundation

your body needs to

grow and flourish.



Share your glow

with the world when

you feel the best.

Photo by Nimi Diffa on Unsplash

I'm here for you!

I'm Michelle and I love what I do.

As a Nationally Board Certified Health Coach, I help my clients find a sustainable ​path to their best health and well-being once and for all


As much as you can you try to plan, life gets in the way.

I should know; I've faced my fair share of obstacles.

On days when I face overwhelm, I rely on the things that make both my mind and body feel good.

I love how comforted I am by my habits and routines: a morning matcha, a walk around the neighborhood with our family dog Hazel, and cooking nutritious, yummy food!

I view the changes I have made in my health journey as activities I look forward to every day.

Thanks to my established habits, I am able to focus on daily goals and challenges. Wasting no energy on health concerns allows my energized self to show up for others, too!

Sharing the benefits of a healthy lifestyle with clients just like you is what keeps me going, and I am privileged to continuously be learning along the way with you, too!

Reboot You!

Michelle shares her knowledge and experience as she guides you through nourishing and caring for your body to lead a healthier life full of well-being. She has simplified the journey into small steps that allow you to start where you are, and build your plan one chapter at a time.

The book is a great roadmap for those that want to take a Do-It-Yourself approach to reboot their health and wellness, and its a great daily companion for those enrolled in a program.